Last Updated : 27-Aug-2007
Issue Number : 8000261601
Category : Printer installation and operation
Description : How to perform CD-R printing
How to adjust the inner/outer circle sizes when using CD-LabelPrint (Mac OS X)
The following procedures describe how to adjust the inner/outer circle sizes if unprinted areas (margins) appear at the outer/inner circles.
1. Start CD-LabelPrint.
2. Click Adjust Circle Size in Label Edit.
Note: In the Paper Selection dialog box, select CD Label Print in the Print Genre section. If CD Label Print is not selected, adjustment of the outer/inner circle sizes is not possible. For details on how to select CD Label Print, see How to select paper when using CD-LabelPrint (Mac OS X).
3. In the Adjust Circle Size dialog box, enter the appropriate values so that there are no margins in the image in Layout Image.
 After entering the appropriate values, click OK.
Memo: The inner/outer circle sizes can be adjusted between –10 mm to +10 mm in increments of 0.1 mm.
The default value is 0.
4. Procedures for adjusting the inner/outer circle sizes are completed.

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