Installing Toolbox from the CD-ROM (Windows)

Last Updated : 15-Nov-2007
Issue Number : 8100096900


* If your Windows 2000 or Windows XP computer is used with multiple users, log in as an Administrator (System administrator) to install the software. For details of administrator, refer to the manual of your computer.

Place the CanoScan Setup CD-ROM in the drive.
When the initial screen for setting up is displayed, click [Custom Install].

Install Toolbox from the Setup CD-ROM.
When the screen to select software is displayed, make sure that CanoScan Toolbox is checked and remove the checkmarks of the other applications. Click [Next].

When the "License Agreement" screen appears, read it carefully and click [Yes].
The installation starts.

The installation starts. The installation progress will be displayed until the Setup CD-ROM stops.

Click [Restart].
You cannot use the scanner unless you restart the computer.

After the computer is restarted, remove the CanoScan Setup CD-ROM from the drive.
If the menu screen appears, click [Exit] and then remove the CD-ROM.

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