Cannot Install the MP Drivers

Last Updated : 02-Apr-2008
Issue Number : 8200159100


Cause and Solution

Unable to proceed beyond the Printer Connection screen ( Windows )
If you were unable to proceed beyond the Printer Connection screen, follow the procedure below to reinstall the MP Drivers.
(1) Click Cancel on the Printer Connection screen.
(2) Click Start Over on the Installation Failure screen.
(3) Click Back on the screen that appears next.
(4) Click Exit on the PIXMA XXX screen (where "XXX" is your machine's name), then remove the CD-ROM.
(5) Turn the machine off.
(6) Restart the computer.
(7) Make sure you have no application software running, including anti-virus software.
(8) Follow the procedure described in your setup sheet to reinstall the MP Drivers.

Installation does not start automatically when the Setup CD-ROM is inserted into your computer's disc drive
(1) Click Start then Computer.
In Windows XP, click Start then My Computer.
In Windows 2000, double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop.
(2) Double-click the CD-ROM icon on the displayed window.
To use the Run command to start the setup program, specify your disc drive and then the name of the setup program, MSETUP4.EXE. The drive letter of the disc drive depends on your computer.

Double-click the CD-ROM icon on your desktop to start installation.
If the CD-ROM icon is not displayed, restart your computer.
If the icon is still not displayed, try different discs and see if they are displayed.
If other discs are displayed, there is a problem with the Setup CD-ROM. Contact a Canon service representative.

Installation procedure not followed correctly
Follow the procedure described in your setup sheet for proper installation.
If the MP Drivers were not installed correctly, uninstall the MP Drivers, restart your computer, and then reinstall the MP Drivers. Refer to the PC Printing Guide on-screen manual.
If the installer was forced to be terminated due to a Windows error, the system may be in an unstable condition and you may not be able to install the MP Drivers. Restart your computer before reinstalling.
How to install the MP drivers

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