Uninstalling Software

Last Updated : 28-Oct-2008
Issue Number : 8200334500


If the printer/fax driver, MF Toolbox, or Color Network ScanGear becomes unnecessary, follow the procedure below to uninstall the software.

  • Confirm the following before performing the uninstallation:
- You have the installation software (if you want to re-install the drivers).
- No applications are running on your computer.
  • For uninstallation in Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008, you must be the user with administrative privileges.

Uninstalling Printer/Fax Driver

1. On the [Start] or [start] menu, point to [Programs] (Windows 2000) or [All Programs] (Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server 2008) -> [Canon] -> [MF4360-4390] or [MF4320-4350] -> [Uninstall Drivers].

The [MF Drivers Uninstaller] dialog box appears.

2. Click [Delete].

3. Click [Exit].

Uninstalling MF Toolbox

1. On the [Start] or [start] menu, point to [Programs] (Windows 2000) or [All Programs] (Windows XP/Vista) -> [Canon] -> [MF Toolbox 4.9] -> [Toolbox Uninstall].

2. Click [Remove].

3. Click [Exit].

Uninstalling Color Network ScanGear

1. On the [Start] or [start] menu, click the items in the following order.

  • Windows XP/Server 2003: [Settings] -> [Control Panel] -> [Add or Remove Programs]
  • Windows Vista: [Settings] -> [Control Panel] -> [Programs and Features]
  • Windows 2000: [Settings] -> [Control Panel] -> [Add/Remove Programs]

2. Select [Color Network ScanGear Ver.2.40].

3. Click [Remove] (Windows XP/Server 2003), [Uninstall] (Windows Vista), or [Change/Remove] (Windows 2000).

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